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How long will my order take to complete?
A typical order will take about one week to complete.  If we think your order will take more time, we will let you know.
Can I ship my order to you if I am outside of Albuquerque?
Yes, please see the Contact Us page for the address. Please carefully package your videos and film and include all of your contact info and instructions for your order.  We would appreciate an email letting us know you've shipped your order so we can expect it.
Do you transfer adult material?
Yes. We will discreetly handle your order.  All orders of this nature require a separate order form.  Please click on the icon below to download and print the form.
Will I get my original materials back?
Yes, we will return everything you have had processed.
Adult Content Order Form, click to open:
How much video can fit onto a DVD?
We put around two hours per disc to preserve quality.  We can combine your video tapes to fit onto one DVD, but the price per tape remains the same.
What file format do you provide?

Your digital files will be in MP4 format. These files work with both Mac and PC operating systems. The thumb drive is also formatted to work on both.